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4Moving around is expensive, whether you do it yourself or you hire some professional movers. All in all, this is an expense you cannot really avoid, whether you switch homes because you move in with your partner or you need to relocate with your job. Fortunately, there are a few simple tricks to save some cash, but you have to do your homework and analyze all your possibilities.

First of all, try to calculate which option is cheaper – hiring a service or moving on your own. The answer depends on multiple factors, such as your time, distance and load. If you got some furniture that has to be moved, you obviously cannot do it with your personal vehicle. Unless you own a truck, hiring a service is more appropriate. Think about the fuel costs as well, not to mention about the number of transports you might need with your personal car. While you might believe that you got the right answer upfront, some research and analyses are essential to find the most effective solution.

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