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new houseRelocating from one place to another is quite a stressful activity especially if you have limited time and is pressured to complete the task in just a single day. You may start packing months ahead but the day for moving your things could not be shortened unless you have the helped of professional movers who are trained and skilled in loading and unloading your furniture and other belongings from your old house to your new home. If you have no other companions to help you out in relocating, then you can take a look at the services of moving companies that are ready to lend you a helping hand. However, before paying for anything else, try to answer the following questions to ensure that you pick the best company in the industry.

Question 1: Would you choose a binding or non-binding estimate?

Estimates are done by the company to give you an idea of how much it will cost you to acquire its services. A binding estimate is a guaranteed price regardless of how heavy is the weight of the final shipment. On the other hand, a non-binding estimate depends upon the weight of the final shipment. Professional movers are governed by the law that they should not charge more than ten percent of the price evaluation in a non-binding estimate.

Question 2: What documents will I be given before loading?

Based on provisions of the law, a moving company should furnish its client with an order-of-service, an inventory sheet, and a bill-of-landing. Non-binding estimates should also provide the copy of the final weight to be shipped. You should uphold your right to witness the process of weighing and to ask for a re-weigh if you think a mistake has been committed.

Question 3: What insurance should I expect for the shipment?

Items shipped are not entirely insured. There are just a few items covered by the insurance which should be provided for free and within the standard insurance rate of sixty cents for every pound.

Question 4: What makes professional movers credible and reliable?

Since there are a lot of options in the market, you need to check on the company’s federal and state license.

The moving venture is a delicate matter so you need to tap services of movers who have been satisfactorily appreciated by their former clients. Background checking of a moving company can help in ensuring that your loads will arrive at your destination safe and undamaged.