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6Professional Movers is the expert providing moving services. Located in Oakland, they are the award winner for customer service, which offer moving services for long, local, and international moving services.

Expert in Customer Service

Our customer service is award winning, which is customer-oriented. Regardless your relocation is for families and businesses, you shall face a lot of challenges in planning and execution phrases. Our customer is well-trained with professional knowledge of moving services. We clearly understand all you need for your moving, such as the time required to move the items from old home to new home, any special requirements from the clients. By reviewing the concern, we will provide professional moving proposal to our clients, addressing all their needs. With our quality service, you shall feel comfortable and relieve any stress. The Professional Movers is the most trusted partners for moving service in Oakland.  

Highly Trained Movers

Our teams of movers are well trained with professional knowledge. For instance, they are trained with knowledge on how to protect the furniture, items that are easily to crack. Therefore, all items during moving can be protected. In addition, the movers are rich of driving experience in Oakland. They understand when and where the traffic jams might be occurred, and they will choose the right and fast track for the moving.

Certified Moving Professionals

Our professional moving services are controlled under the certified quality system. Our staffs are nationally certified as the certified moving consultant. Having the certification, our staffs are qualified to provide quality moving services, which are well trained to address the need from our clients. You have been assured to receive excellent moving services from us.

To have the certification, the staffs have been enrolled for the certified moving consultant program from the American Moving and Storage Association. Therefore, it is not easy to obtain such certification for our staffs.

The Professional Movers have the strong team in customer service, who can address every need from customers. With well-trained movers, they have the professional knowledge to protect the furniture and items that are easily to crack. They are rich driving experience in Oakland, which they select the right and fast track for your moving. With the exclusive certified moving consultant, our staffs can offer excellent moving services to the clients, address all the issues from them. The certification is the selling point from us.